gcr3, originally Greater City Recruitment [GCR], was established in 2002.

Based then in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne, gcr3 started out with a vision – to bring an improved recruitment method to the Industrial Sector in the local area.

With Permanent Recruitment as primary offering, gcr3 grew in it’s early years through referral and word of mouth.

Speaking a different language, in a crowded industry [at gcr3 it’s never been about the quick fill!] – its always been about building long term partnerships based on trust, and underpinned by a genuine enthusiasm to contribute.

“At gcr3, when you work with us, we see ourselves as part of your team.  We want to contribute and have an impact.  Here, we work hard are persistent and don’t cut corners.  And, we’re a competitive bunch too.  In the race for great talent, play to win!”

Priscilla Curtis
CEO & Founder, gcr3

gcr3 has earned a reputation over time for actually ‘doing the work’ – for putting in the time. Using the best tools and the best processes to minimise recruitment risk and identify the best talent.

Over the last 3 years gcr3 has seen exciting growth. The team has evolved to recruit nationally for a number of its long standing customers. Successful campaigns have also been run in New Zealand.

The rebranding of GCR to gcr3 is both in recognition of this expansion and to draw the focus on the fundamental philosophy that drives it all

‘great talent is 3 dimensional and presents throughout the recruitment process as the sum of these 3 very real and measureable things – know how, ability and energy’

Great Talent Model

Our Founder

Priscilla Curtis is CEO and Founder of gcr3.

With 18 years in industry now, Priscilla was introduced to recruitment by chance, fresh from studying Engineering.

Engineering and Recruitment – seem world’s apart don’t they?

So what happens when these two world’s collide….

Priscilla is driven by a fascination with people, so her connect with the Recruitment Industry was immediate.  She felt at home in this space from the very beginning – and took a keen interest in everything going on around her, particularly the measurements, the testing and assesments being used.

“Recruitment’s value and credibility is realised only through getting it right. Organisations invest in us to do the work and run the processes that prove the people we’re recommending will actually be good at it”

Priscilla Curtis

CEO & Founder, gcr3

Beyond day to day operations, Priscilla’s focus has been to find the answer to this question, “What does great talent look like?”. As the logic behind ‘they’ve done it before, they’ll be great’ just didn’t sit well – so she’s worked on piecing the puzzle together and to develop an accurate model.

And the model Priscilla has developed is 3 dimensional. The Resume [a person’s experience] only representing the first dimension.  Priscilla’s research has led to the introduction of two further dimensions to the talent model –ability and energy.  And it’s these dimensions Priscilla advocates as the predictively valid measurements of ‘whether a candidate will be good at their job.

Together with her team, Priscilla is looking to change the game in the recruitment space.  To introduce something new.  To help organisation’s shift their thinking and realise the full and true potential value of their recruitment function.

“My challenge on this journey is to expand your thinking. To move you away from the trappings of the traditional approach – and not rely so much on a candidate’s experience. Reading through a Resume 5 times over and searching for the answer in the print, is a bad habit.  Put the Resume down for a moment and let me introduce you to the ‘ability’ and ‘energy’ dimensions. These dimensions are powerful. And when you understand them, recruitment will become something you begin to really look forward to.”

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