Great Talent is 3 dimensional.

When we say know how, ability and energy, what is it we actually mean?

Great Talent Model

Dimension 1 | know how [experience]

‘know how’ is experience. It’s the culmination of work related things a candidate has observed, encountered and participated in.  Typically what you see represented in their Resume.  It’s where a candidate has been and what they have seen, so far in their working career.

At gcr3 when we define the ‘know how’ piece we break it down into these three headings: Qualifications, Position Experience, Industry Background.

Importantly, ‘know how’ is as an account of a candidate’s work related history – not a measurement on how good they were at the work they have done so far.  Experience is not a predictor of on the job performance.  At gcr3 we advocate that these critical insights are gathered separately in the ability and energy dimensions.

Dimension 2 | ability [intelligences + skillsets]

‘ability’ is a candidate’s talent, skill or proficiency at doing their job.

To make the definition of ‘ability’ clearer and really practical from a recruitment perspective, at gcr3 we define ability as the sum of a candidate’s intelligences and skillsets.

We break this piece down into these 3 components. In the middle and at the heart of a candidate’s ability, are their Intelligences, their cognitive ability, in essence their thinking processes.  On the next layer of the ‘ability’ piece are the non technical skillsets [here we’re talking about a person’s ability to communicate on a written and verbal level, their ability to organise and plan and how they use technology].  And the 3rd layer, the icing on the cake is the technical skillset for the position. The must have technical toolkit they need for the role.

At gcr3 we believe the greater a candidate’s ability – the sum of their intelligences and skillsets – the greater their capacity to return value and deliver competitive edge.

Dimension 3 | energy [behaviours + attitudes]

‘energy’ is the natural enthusiasm, will and effort a candidate invests in applying their ability and know how.

A candidate can have all the experience and ability in the world – but if they don’t have the right energies – the will and want to deliver, they won’t.

The ‘Energy’ piece gives us an objective measure on how a person goes about their job –  a measurement on their effectiveness.

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