Why the 3? Great question!

Across the last 13 years, at gcr3 we’ve been focusing our energies on finding the answer to this question…

‘What does great talent look like?’

And, to make this question really practical from a talent strategy and recruitment perspective, we’ve broken it down.

When it comes to ‘great talent’, we’ve wanted to know:

  1. How do you DEFINE it?
  2. How do you ATTRACT it?
  3. And, how do you KNOW IT when you see it?

And the answer we have found is 3 dimensional! Great Talent presenting to you as the sum of the 3 very real and measureable things, symbolised in our model below.

Great Talent Model

Here, we’ve done away with the traditional approach to recruiting.

It’s time for something new!  As the traditional approach is too heavily based upon reviewing a candidate’s experience and is not producing consistent results – there are pieces missing. And bad hires are expensive!

An interesting researched fact for you.

Experience is not be the number 1 predictor of on the job performance.

So why is it then, that we’ve been relying on it so much?

If we can’t rely on experience – what can we rely on? What are the measurements we need to confidently predict that a candidate is going to be good at their job?

Introducing the 2nd and 3rd exciting new dimensions of Great Talent – ability and energy! The combination of which delivers you the objective measurements you need to determine up front if a candidate is going to be good at it!

ability + energy = competitive edge

At gcr3 our new 3 dimensional model delivers you the complete candidate story – by providing you with predictively valid measurements of a candidate’s ability and energy.

If this message is connecting with you, and you’d like to know more, take a moment to watch the short video below, where we explain in more detail.

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