When we measure a candidates ability we are looking at their talent, skill and proficiency at doing their job.

When we add a candidates ability to their know how [experience] we get an idea of whether they were good at their job or not.

This is where a candidates ability to return value and deliver competitive edge starts.

At gcr3 we define Ability as the sum of a candidates skillets + intelligences

Ability is broken into 3 layers:

  1. Intelligences [cognitive abilities]
  2. Non Technical Skillset
  3. Technical Skillset 

Learn more about Ability in this quick video


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Verbal Reasoning

A candidates ability to learn new concepts and understand new ideas across a range of subjects.

Numerical Reasoning

A candidates ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on numerical data presented.

Abstract Reasoning

A candidates thinking processes including their ability to quickly identify patterns and trends to solve problems.

Mechanical Reasoning

A candidates understanding of basic principles of physics and mechanics to problem solve.

Work Personality Index (WPI)

A measure of a candidates key personality traits in the workplace.

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