What to expect

What to expect when you partner with gcr3

At gcr3, our approach is a little different. We are passionate about recruitment but prefer to think of it as…


For more than 10-years the GCR team has spent time onsite visiting with HR Professionals, Business Owners, General Managers, Managing Directors and CEO’s to talk with them about their recruitments needs. More often than not we’re visiting to take a position brief – to source the information we need to develop and facilitate a successful recruitment campaign. And when talking with these leaders, often the message we hear is …. “we just need better people, we need people who can get in and do the job well, we need people that are the right fit”.

Our recruitment process is thorough to ensure that we match our candidates with the right roles.

What you can expect when partnering with gcr3.


As of May 2014 all of our applications are now completed via our gcr3 candidate hub (so you’re in the right place). This is a very important step in our recruitment process so it’s important that you take the time (approx 10 mins) to complete this to the best of your ability. This is your opportunity to really showcase your knowledge and experience. *Only applications submitted in this way will be considered.

Resume Screen

If your application is successful, the next stage of our process is a resume screen. Here we are identifying how you meet the key selection criteria. If you are successful in this stage of the process you will be contacted for a telephone screen.

Telephone Screen

At telephone screen stage you will be contacted by a member of our team who will ask you a series of questions about your most recent role, previous roles, experience, qualifications and a list of questions that will help us identify if you are a perfect fit for the role as well as gain a thorough understanding of your goals. If you are successful at this stage of the process you will proceed to testing.


Our testing process is one of the key gcr3 differences. Our testing is designed to match our candidates with their ideal jobs. Testing is split across three key areas:

  1. Know how – your knowledge
  2. Ability – your experience
  3. Energy – your cultural fit with the business

If you are successful at this stage of the process we will reference check you and then organise a time for an interview.


STAGE 1 – gcr3 interview

The first stage of interview is done with a member of the gcr3 team. This is another opportunity for you to showcase your experience, knowledge and personality to us.

STAGE 2 – Client interview 

The second stage of interview is done onsite with our client. This is a further opportunity for you to showcase your experience, knowledge and personality directly to your potential employer.

Successful or Unsuccessful

If you are successful you will be contacted directly to finalise your new role.

If you are unsuccessful in one role it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be suited to another. We will retain your resume and details on file for future roles which may be appropriate. You can also connect with us directly on LinkedIn and keep an eye out on our Candidate Hub website for future vacancies.