Here, we’re proud to be speaking a different language and to be bringing a new approach – in what has become a very crowded industry!

And it’s this new approach that is really engaging Hiring Managers. Because for a long time now they have suspected that what they read on the Resume isn’t equating to what they get on the job! – and our new way, is giving them some logic based reason for that – something they can really relate to and apply practically to achieve consistently better recruitment outcomes.

gcr3, originally Greater City Recruitment [GCR], was established in 2002 – with recruitment as our original primary offering.

Growing in our early years through referral and word of mouth, at gcr3 it’s never been about the quick fill! It’s always been about building long term partnerships based on trust, and underpinned by a genuine enthusiasm to contribute and most importantly a determined focus on ‘getting recruitment right’.

gcr3 has earned a reputation over time for ‘doing the work’ – for putting in the time and investing in predictively valid recruitment methodology. Using the best tools and the best processes to minimise recruitment risk and identify the best talent.

Over the last 4 years gcr3 has seen exciting growth. Our long standing partnerships with ITW [Pryda, Buildex, Paslode, Ramset, Reid], the Meyer Timber Group, Wastech Engineering and others have created the opportunity for our team to evolve to now recruit nationally. Successful campaigns have also been run in New Zealand.

The rebranding of GCR to gcr3 is both in recognition of this expansion and to draw the focus on the fundamental philosophy that drives it all – ‘great talent is 3 dimensional and presents throughout the recruitment process as the sum of 3 very real and measureable things – know how, ability and energy’.

The gcr3 talent framework is quickly building momentum in the market place, thus enabling the natural expansion of our offering to now encompass Talent Strategy Design, Recruitment Process Design as well as the continued delivery of our 4 market leading recruitment products [blue, edge, expert, lead].