If you’ve landed on this page it’s likely you’re frustrated – you’ve recognised the results coming out of your recruitment function aren’t great.

You want change.

You know it’s important to get recruitment right.

And for you, getting it right means delivering the best talent – talent that returns greater value and increases your competitive edge.

You’re looking for a better way, a new and fresh approach.

We say, great news! – because that’s exactly what we’re bringing to market.  A new and fresh approach.

How does this sound to you?

A recruitment function capable of accurately measuring and predicting on the job performance.

Could that work well for you?

Because, at gcr3 we know what great talent looks like. We know how to define it. How to attract it and how to know it when we see it. And we measure it too, just to be sure!

And that’s what this website is all about – to share with you our new approach.

“Recruitment’s value and credibility is realised only through getting it right. Organisations invest in us to do the work and run the processes that prove the people we’re recommending will actually be good at it”

Priscilla Curtis
CEO & Founder, gcr3

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